About Us

About Us

We are founded by corporate solicitor Michael Crook and chartered accountant and tax specialist Mark Andrews who together have a combined experience of over 35 years helping clients buy and sell businesses of all descriptions.

In a nutshell, we know the sale process from the start to the very end when legal papers are signed and the transaction is completed.  

We think this makes us rather unique amongst other business sale agents, but how does our knowledge and experience benefit clients?   We can assure you that it does! Selling a business can be a complicated affair. The devil is in the detail, and our approach is to consider the detail from the start.

By doing that, we can market your business effectively, we can answer buyer questions clearly and quickly, and crucially when an offer is made and accepted, you will be confident that you have agreed the key terms of the sale.

This will reduce the risk of problems arising during the legal stages of the process, and with the associated risks of a buyer withdrawing or trying to change their offer.

A key foundation to our practice is working in partnership with accountants and legal practices to support their clients in achieving their sale ambitions. Our partners who introduce clients can be certain that we will work with them as a team to support the best interests of their clients.

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Michael Crook

Michael grew up in Wakefield before studying and graduating with honours from the University of Nottingham.

Initially training as an accountant, Michael went onto qualify as a solicitor in 2000 and spent the next 11 years working at major regional firms (including 5 as a partner), including Gordons and Last Cawthra Feather, before founding business law firm Crooks Commercial Solicitors in 2011.

Michael has worked for a wide range of clients from small owner managed business to large public companies, acting as lead advisor on a wide variety of business sales and other corporate and commercial law matters.  Industry experience is wide, including engineering, manufacturing, warehousing and logistics, financial and professional services, IT, pharmacy, dental, care-homes, schools and many others.


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Mark Andrews

Originally from the Spen-Valley in West Yorkshire, Mark read Physics at Leeds University before changing direction.  20 years later,  Mark is a practicing Chartered Accountant and Chartered Tax adviser with a broad experience in all aspects of business finance across a very broad spectrum of clients. 

Mark has spent his career helping owner managed businesses start up, grow and ‘exit’.  The deals he gets involved in are typically to facilitate an owner’s retirement, to help existing businesses grow and diversify, and to help owners who simply want to ‘move on’. As well as understanding the raw numbers, Mark has the added advantage of being a tax specialist and therefore knows how to structure deals from a tax point of view.


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